Benefits of Becoming a Member

Members of the wider Indian community living in New Zealand are invited to become member of the Club and participate in the joint effort to imbibe the spirit of contributing in the charitable work and towards recognizing outstanding services to the community and appreciate the special talent, skills and cultural activities of the local artists.

The Club will help facilitate the growth of the dynamic local artists by providing exciting infrastructure and initiatives, in turn promoting a greater enthusiasm for talent, arts and culture.

I encourage people of wider Indian community in New Zealand to join the club and get involved in charitable work and make valuable contribution to the benefit of New Zealand. This club is also about recognizing dynamic talent Indian community has in New Zealand. I can assure you that you will enjoy being a member of this Club and get lots of advantages a member gets.

Why Should You Become A Member

You will get an opportunity to socialize with positive thinking and professional people.

You will get a wider platform to showcase your skills, art talent or other achievements in your field.

You can join hands in doing charitable work and help the wider community in different walks of life.

You will get financial advantage given to the members by any organization, company or individual like freebies offered for group memberships, discounted pricing, Professional services at discounted price etc.

Opportunity to get involved in the decision making process of the club.

Opportunity to participate in the election process of Board of trustees and become a trustee of the club.

Priority over non-members in sharing the platform for performance of any art, skill or outstanding achievement in the community.

Discounts on entry tickets to the events organized by the Club.

Special deals on advertisements/sponsorships in the public events organised by the Club.

Opportunity to create a network of professionals, businesses and talented people from within the membership of the Club.

Access to special offers by any professionals (including lawyers, Immigration Advisers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents) offered exclusively to the members of the Club.

What Are Our Objectives?

To collectively participate in the community work and help in the nation building.

To provide a platform to the local artists, talented people to showcase their talent with the wider community.

To recognize people and reward them for their outstanding services and talent in the community.

To undertake projects and activities for the benefit of the wider community.

To promote Indian culture, traditions and values among the younger generation of Indian origin in New Zealand.

To provide platform and opportunity to do charitable work for the benefit of wider community in New Zealand.

To bring kiwi and Indian culture closer and work together to develop better understanding and recognition of diverse cultures, traditions and social values among different communities.

Who Can Become A Member?

Any person of Wider Indian community living in New Zealand lawfully who is willing to subscribe to the rules and regulations of the Club can become a member of the Club.

There are two types of membership open to the public. Individual membership and Family Membership.

The Family membership can include the close family members having blood relationship and can include, parents and children upto the age of 14 years.

The one time family membership fee is $50.00 and annual subscription fee is $50.00.

To apply for membership fee please fill up the Membership Application form and once your application is approved you will be asked to deposit the membership fee into the nominated bank account of the Club.

The membership fee and annual subscription shall be non-refundable.